Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chronicle of the Liberator (Paperback)

Chronicle of the Liberator (Paperback)
By Ronald T. Jones
August 15, 2004
Ronald T. Jones' Chronicle of the Liberator is a thrilling science fiction read. Ronald definitely captured the true essence of a military sci-fi story with this story.
Chronicle of the Liberator is about Thomas Richard Jackson, a mild-manner man living a boring life, who breathes the spirit of low self-esteem. One day, during a horrific episode, which highlights his meekness, he is snatched from Earth and transported across the universe onto a ship. There he befriends an alien, Likir, and Likir's servant, Coowald. Likir tells Thomas that he is destined to save Earth. However to do it, Thomas must assassinate a great and powerful leader of an interstellar empire. Together, in order to build his mind, body and spirit into a warrior, Likir and Coowald train Thomas in military fighting, leadership and strategic planning. Soon after, Likir tests Thomas in a live-fire exercise, which stresses Thomas to the breaking point. The knowledge that he must survive so he can save Earth, fuels him to keep going.
Chronicle of the Liberator is a self-awakening story, showing playing it safe in the journey of life isn't really living. Ronald lightly seeds Thomas' character with internal and external prominence and like a master, magnificently steers the reader through ebbs, swirls and surges of his growth. Ronald designs a powerful backdrop of believable military campaigns, battles and techniques in which Thomas thrives and eventually leads to his rebirth as a battle-tested combat-forged leader. Watching this unfold in the pages of this book was both enjoyable and heart-wrenching at times.
I enjoyed reading the battle scenes and compared the combat strategies to present day teachings. As a military veteran, experience in military planning and strategy, I found this book to be on target. I recommend this book to all sci-fi enthusiasts, but especially those with a penchant for military sci-fi.

Malcolm "RAGE" Petteway