Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tunnel through Space By Tom Johnson

January Book of the Month

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In this futuristic tale, a giant cargo ship transporting ore from the outer planets to Earth is sucked into a Black Hole, spitting ship and crew out somewhere near the Big Bang at the beginning of time. Crashing on a primitive planet in a binary star system, Captain Lamont Rogers and Lieutenant Marsha Tomlison survive, but are separated by hundreds of miles, with fierce jungle beasts and savage peoples in a land of thick jungle between them.

Attempting to reunite, the main characters must face dangers at every turn, and during their trials encounter both friend and foes. Captain Rogers, nicknamed the Preacher, has been a Godly man all his life, and does not believe in taking another's life, but now he must learn to kill to protect his friends and those he loves. Lieutenant Tomlison is the opposite of her commander. Rough and untamed, she was constantly in trouble, usually involved in drunken brawls with the men she met in off-world saloons. Nor was she averse to sleeping with one she liked. Now, lost in the jungles of this savage land, she must humble herself as a primitive people rely on her for protection and leadership.

The author creates a world peopled with fascinating characters and animals, and spins a tale that keeps the reader turning pages. I was drawn into the action from the time we first meet these characters until the final page, and hope there is a sequel in the works. Tom Johnson does not rely on sex and ugly language to tell the story, and I was reminded of the storytellers that first brought us great jungle adventures, like Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Terry Roberts, Reviewer
SF/Etc At A Glance

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The Friday House by D. K. Gaston

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December 2010 Book of the Month

Price: $15.00
Without warning or explantion, prominent Americans are carrying out horrendous crimes. FBI Special Agent Jamaica Kurtz is assigned to profile these assassins. All the killers have one thing in common, the Friday House Orphanage. What secrets does this institution hold and will Kurtz find the truth in time to stop more attacks?

The Bialien Trilogy: Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved (Volume 1) by Vlane Carter

November 2010 Book of the Month

A New Sci-fi, Space, Action, Adventure and Romance novel. Bialien - Where fiction, science, religion and technology collide. Some of the topics bialien covers are: Dark energy, dark matter, exotic matter, nanotechnology, future green energy saving technologies, plasma fusion, string theory, quantum mechanics, future relationships, space exploring, UFO theories, future government weapons, gravity manipulating and human body evolving. Evolve your Imagination to the Bialien trilogy.

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