Rage on Science Fiction Movies

Advertising a movie as science fiction seems to be a no-no in the industry today, even though most movies are technically science fiction. Today’s movies have become the quickest medium in which science fiction stories are reaching the public. Science fiction movies, disguised in the aura of special effects, are attracting crowds without the audience realizing they are going to a science fiction movie. Special effects awes and entertains audiences to a point of acceptance.

Let’s think about it: Avatar, Iron Man movies, Inception, X-Men movies, Transformers movies, I Am Number Four, Tron, Priest, Star Trek movies, Paul, Green Lantern, Thor, Cowboy vs. Aliens, Alien movies, Predator movies, The Adjustment Bureau, Hitchcock, Megamind, Superman movies, Batman movies, Species, Monsters vs. Aliens, Time Travelers Wife. The list is exhausting to write, but you get my point. You’ve probably seen a science fiction movie and didn’t realize it. Why is that?

I’ll tell you. Science fiction is a family of genres within a complicated genre. These movies tell a normal fictitious genre like love stories, adventures, mysteries and even comedies with imagination, innovation, technology and science. The eye popping, jaw dropping special effects helped these movies tell a convincing story that dealt with future, alternative timelines, space travel, aliens, time travel, dreams, wars, and even comic book superheroes

So what is the latest movie you went to? What’s the newest movie you can’t wait to see? Could it be considered science fiction? If so, leave your thoughts about it here. I love to read them.

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