Friday, March 25, 2011

April 2011 Book of the Month

Immortal: Second Edition
by Valjeanne Jeffers

Her dreams are terrifying. In the year of our One 3075 Tundra has been at peace for 400 years. There is no racism, poverty or war. Karla is a young, Indigo woman working as a successful healer. Yet she is tormented by lucid and erotic dreams. Dreams in which she is Immortal. Two men emerge from these phantasms: the first a Copper Shape shifter and the other a demon more dead than alive. But when this creature appears in her apartment Karla realizes that they share a lust that may one day consume her. His will unlock a mystery. Joseph always dreamt of becoming an artist, a warrior...and a shape shifter. Now he's dreaming of a sorceress who commands that he leave his homeland. Together they will journey to the end of time. To a nightmarish world of revolution and magic. But will they save Tundra or perish in it's destruction?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review on The Promise by D.K. Gaston

A crooked cop, Detective Roman Stefan promised his dying father that he'd do better and make him proud. Soon after, Roman is handed a no win murder case, the death of a prostitute who is the sister to a super star news anchor Hallie Warner. The police chief wants him to fail. His captain wants him to fail. His fellow cops want him to fail. And deep down inside, Roman wants to fail. But he is a man of his word and he promised his dying father, he will do better. Motivated by the beautiful and sexy Warner, who appears to be the only one who wants Roman to succeed, he pushes on. But appearances can be deceiving.

In the beginning of the book I wasn't sure if I would like Detective Roman. His character was the type of cop I quickly despise in other books. But his struggle to please his father and the crudeness of his character soon turned me into a cheerleader for the character. I was almost praying that Roman wouldn’t let me down as I read the book.

Once again, Keith Gaston has done spectacular job. This book is similar in nature to his other books, but different in context. It is full of suspense more than his normal action packed writing. But the D.K. conspiracy, twist and turns are still sprinkled delicately throughout the pages in a masterful way. Again, you think you know who did it, but you don’t.

I highly recommend that you read The Promise. It is more than a page turner, it is a workout book. It gets your heart pumping.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club

Book review on the Darkest Hours by D.K. Gaston

Joseph Hooks is back and he is better than before. The exciting, but bruiting detective from Lost Hours is back. Now he’s divorced and free from his past. His latest client is the billionaire, Montgomery Webb. When Hooks visits Webb at his secluded stately mansion, he finds Webb half-naked and tied to a chair. Tortured near death, Webb whispers his dying words “La…Ta…Doll…Lost”. These words starts Hooks off on another adventure, which threatens his life and the lives of people around him.

Hooks along with his ex-partner Kool-Aid are the epitome of a buddy cop team, with one thing on the mind… ‘Find the killer, no matter what the cost.’ I have read almost all of D.K. Gaston’s books. I am truly a fan. Lost Hours brings back one of my favorite characters in the D.K. universe…Joseph Hooks. D.K. puts Joseph into challenging settings and spins intrigue and action that grabs you; while the story hypnotizes you. This is a must read.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club

Book Review on The Friday House

D.K. Gaston stays in the world of science fiction with a character we first saw in XIII, Special Agent Jamaica Kurtz. In The Friday House, Agent Kurtz has recovered from the gunshot wound to the head, which she received in XIII, and has to cope with the loss of her partner. She returns from a six month medical leave and her first assignment is psychologically profile two dead terrorists, who were prominent and noted members of society and the U.S. government.

While she conducts the investigation, she realizes the gunshot wound has left her with clairvoyant abilities. She fights to interpret her visions as she delves in deeper into the case and picks apart the connections that the CIA and people associated with the White House desperately try to cover up.

D.K. Gaston does a masterful job of weaving intrigue, mystery, double-cross, murder, adventure and conspiracy into a well polished story. He uses misdirection and anomalies to keep the reader guessing. When you think you have the story figured out, D.K. hits you with more excitement to keep you guessing.

The Friday House by D.K. Gaston is a splendid read. He spins multiple characters into an old fashion “Who Done It’, while pushing the action and adventure similar to Tom Clancy. I love the plot. This is a fantastic book that keeps your interest from page one to the end. D.K. is a marvelous author and a very talented storyteller. I highly recommend this book for all readers of thrillers, conspiracy and mystery as well as to my science fiction followers.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club

Book Review on XIII by D.K. Gaston

Avery Hudson, a bounty hunter who works out of Los Angeles. Beelzy, a strange but funny bail bondsman, hires Avery to track down an actor (Jason Peters). What Avery deemed an easy assignment, quickly turns into an action packed thrill ride, leading him down the path of the supernatural and unexplained. Avery hooks up with a small town sheriff, Mary Jamison, who isn’t so small town. Together they explore the insane and fight against the unknown.

D.K. Gaston proves he has the right touch with XIII. He expertly weaves science fiction/fantasy with Murder, Mystery. Avery Hudson is a character of superhero proportions. D.K. pushes the envelope and squeezes every bit of action with an exciting plot, emotional characters and vivid settings. I highly recommend this book and all D.K. Gaston books.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club

Book Review on Lost Hours by D.K. Gaston

Joseph Hooks is a private investigator with an unpleasant past. He was accused of killing his father on Father’s Day when he was 12 years old. He has no memory of that day or the events surrounding his father’s death. All he knows is he spent two years in a mental hospital for the crime. Twenty-three years later, on the verge of a divorce, coupled with his son being the same age he was when his father died; his mind becomes consumed with finding out the truth about his father’s death. As he investigates the murder, he opens up old wounds with his estrange siblings, deals with a less than cooperative Detroit police force and runs into some well connected people who don’t want the truth known.

D.K. Gaston’s Joseph Hooks is a powerful character. Hooks’ drive and determination reaches out of the pages and grabs the reader. The internal conflict to protect his loved ones, while uncovering the past highlights Hooks’ strength and compassion. Even though the book’s genre is listed as Murder, Mystery, Thriller; I know this book will appeal to science fiction fans. I recommend this book and I especially recommend D.K. Gaston. He is a super talented author.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club