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Revenge - Osguards: Guardians of the Universe Book Trailer

Everyone has a defining gift. For Michael Genesis, the First Osguard of the Universal Science, Security and Trade Association of Planets -- USSTAP, that gift is vision. Similarly, Billy Red, the street thug, murderer, pimp and drug dealer, that gift is ingenuity. When their paths cross as teenagers, Michael and Billy become embroiled in a rivalry that leads Michael to becoming the First Osguard. and Billy dying by his hands. However, eight years after the Tuit War and on the eve of the birth of a new USSTAP, where Michael planned to design a new universe and lay out a path for humanity to begin its journey to another level, he is attacked. During the attack, Michael is accidentally transported to another reality where USSTAP and the Osguards don't exist. Now Michael has to fight his way back to his reality or be trapped in a reality of living in an economically poor, crime and drug infested neighborhood, while being chased by his old enemy -- Billy Red.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Specter of War (Guardians of Destiny) Book Review

The Specter of War (Guardians of Destiny)
Fast, furious and action packed!

I ran across this author in one of my book clubs and was drawn to the title. Her subtitle was so close to my own, Osguards: Guardians of the Universe that I had to pick it up and read it. This is Angela Nicole Parker’s first foray into science fiction and she did an outstanding job.

The Specter of War is an action packed book about the newly crowned queen of the Maraudan Empire, Mursela Mornall exerting her power to bring her Empire back to its glory days before the great war two dikas ago (I assume dikas are similar to decades) against the Great Republic. Her ambition soon divides her people and she begins purging those who do not follow her. The House of Judi becomes a victim to her purge, leaving the young Dena Judi, to fend for herself.

Meanwhile in the Republic, the children of two of the Great War heroes are coming of age, Cadets Akeen and Connor Star and Kayla Dylan. They struggle for their place in the universe under the whispers of war. Meanwhile, Kayla’s brother Major Van Dylan is on a peace mission on the Maraudan home world when something goes horribly wrong. The specter of war looms over all as they fight their own fate, legacy, and prejudices among a universe of humans and non-humans.

This is a young adult military science fiction book in which Angela Nicole Parker does a masterful job of building an unknown universe and setting the reader in the middle. She has the right amount of suspense mixed with intrigue. Angela fills her characters with teenage angst about coming to age in an unknown universe injected with social bias and a benign sense of entitlement. The battles are told not with an eye for the gory, but an eye for the heart. You feel the characters fright, anger and sometimes betrayal, more than the punches, gun blast and explosions. This is rare and Angela has the gift.

From one military science fiction writer to another, I give Specter of War (Guardians of Destiny) five stars.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway,
Author, Osguards: Guardians of the Universe

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Dreamer's Perch: Meet Malcolm Petteway Author of Homecoming - Guard...

Dreamer's Perch: Meet Malcolm Petteway Author of Homecoming - Guard...: "For centuries the planets of Kulusk and Chaktun have battled in the heavens above Earth. In 1860, twin Chaktun princesses, Laurona and Nau..."

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LM Preston: Dust Off Your Pile of Unpub Works!

LM Preston: Dust Off Your Pile of Unpub Works!: "Do you have stuff you’ve written that you haven’t done anything with yet? Do you write that first draft and put it aside to run off and wo..."

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Osguards Rule

Book Review On  Revelations - Osguards: Guardians of the Universe
Ronald T. Jones, Author
Chronicles of the Liberator

In Osguard: Homecoming, the first book in a series of space adventures by Malcolm Dylan Petteway, we're introduced to an African American family descended from two slave sisters who came from a far off land...a land that happened to be on another planet called Chaktun. The sisters would survive the horrendous ordeal of American slavery and go on to found a vast interstellar alliance comprising sixty galaxies. The Osguards are the leaders of the Universal Science Security and Trade Association of Planets. This is the Star Wars' Empire on steroids. In fact Palpatine would have to think more than twice before even contemplating an attack on this multi-galaxy colossus.

We were also introduced to USSTAP's enemy, the Kulusk Empire, and its ambitious war mongering leader, Kie Ritchen. Battle lines were drawn in Book One and the two powers clashed in a war waged on many fronts, including Earth. In Osguards: Revelations, Malcolm's second installment, that war has taken a particularly deadly turn when Kie Ritchen launches a biological attack against USSTAP's capitol. The bioagent used in the attack threatens to wipe out USSTAP's command and control, leaving the organization wide open for annihilation at the hands of the Kulusks. Jaunita Genesis-Clark is the only Osguard not incapacitated by the agent. An antidote exists, but she must travel on a perilous journey to the very heart of the Kulusk Empire to obtain it. At the same time, she must deal with the murder of her young cousin on Earth and confront the estrangement of a jealous relative.

Malcolm switches seamlessly between Earth bound issues of violent crime on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana and war and intrigue in far distant parts of the universe. The scope of this riveting tale is not limited to spatial. Malcolm takes us on a trip through time, back to the latter 19th century, 20 years after the ashes of the Civil War had settled. In a sustained flashback, we follow the heir to the Kulusk throne and his brother as they travel to Earth, sent by their father to eliminate the descendants of the Chaktun sisters. Here, Malcolm does a fantastic job of weaving science fiction and history, as he ties in the African American experience during post Reconstruction with the Kulusk brothers' murderous efforts to track down their quarry.

And then there is a 21st century U.S.president's unraveling attempt to contain the secret that is USSTAP. On top of that, USSTAP is faced with yet another threat...

There is a lot going on in Book Two. Malcolm has upped the ante and increased the stakes. Once again, the action is rapid and adrenaline-raising, the characters, rendered with fine strokes of depth, and the settings, wondrous. Another plus about Revelations, is its throwback appeal. It has a Golden Age science fiction quality that will definitely attract fans of that era as well the techno aspect that will draw in the Tom Clancy crowd. Osguards: Revelations is a must read. I fully expect Book Three to crank it up further.