Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rage Books May 2011 Book of the Month

Christina Nightbird Little Wolf Cesar is transcended more by her Haitian and Native American backgrounds rather than by her unusually unique name. Her two backgrounds are two cultures paralleled in the belief of the supernatural. She is haunted by consistent dreams compounded with strange and mysterious pains that are rooted in a tragic time in her life. There are two murders, possibly linked to one another, being investigated by Officer Castillo that may have implications of danger for Christina.

It all comes to a head when the person who is the source of the dreams and pains makes their way to claim Christina s life. She is protected by her loving mother, Claudia Little Wolf Cesar, who is of Haitian descent. Shilah Little Wolf, her uncle who is of Native American descent, juggles the tasks of getting revenge for his brother s murder and risking his life to protect his niece. The protection she gets from her family is also in combination with help from her late father, whom she s never met. Her best friend, Cecilia Cruz, treks on an adventure as Christina s life continues to hang in the balance.

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