Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Crocodile-Factor, Stories-Enigmas, Around an African Tree

These are short African stories-enigmas all around an African tree or a river or a pyramid..!

D. Jahman Deidotree is a very skilled craftsman when writing stories he calls stories- enigmas (even if he is still learning the English language....)

Stories which are mysterious, interrogative? Stories with different meanings and interpretations possible!!! Exposing some unknown African imaginative worlds to discover... Stories as riddles if you will!!! So feel free...use or confront your imagination and follow the shaman Kako on his journeys!

See if you can follow some characters as chiefs or shamans to solve what...what? Any question about the shape or the wrong size of your...what?... Head? Or one of your shoes...??? So please leave a comment if you do or just let the writer know how you feel about this saga!!
One love~


  1. I'm not a fan of blog posts made in all capital letters. Did anyone tell you that this is shouting?

  2. Thank you for your comment. The entry is fixed. I hope you have a chance to visit this wonderful site.


  3. Thank You Mr P. Malcolm to let all of this happening here On Rage On Science Fiction... Be sure a lot in our WE-Village will like to thank you face to face so... so... and either to thank all of the readers who will leave a comment here... Thank You for your support & reading...

  4. I want to thank the writer D. Jahman DeidoTree for his creative and inspiring works!! The writer knows how to bring out all emotion in readers. It is a superb imaginative work of an African as we have never seen before.Truly Afro-Fiction at its finest!!

    J. Peterson


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