Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review on The Promise by D.K. Gaston

A crooked cop, Detective Roman Stefan promised his dying father that he'd do better and make him proud. Soon after, Roman is handed a no win murder case, the death of a prostitute who is the sister to a super star news anchor Hallie Warner. The police chief wants him to fail. His captain wants him to fail. His fellow cops want him to fail. And deep down inside, Roman wants to fail. But he is a man of his word and he promised his dying father, he will do better. Motivated by the beautiful and sexy Warner, who appears to be the only one who wants Roman to succeed, he pushes on. But appearances can be deceiving.

In the beginning of the book I wasn't sure if I would like Detective Roman. His character was the type of cop I quickly despise in other books. But his struggle to please his father and the crudeness of his character soon turned me into a cheerleader for the character. I was almost praying that Roman wouldn’t let me down as I read the book.

Once again, Keith Gaston has done spectacular job. This book is similar in nature to his other books, but different in context. It is full of suspense more than his normal action packed writing. But the D.K. conspiracy, twist and turns are still sprinkled delicately throughout the pages in a masterful way. Again, you think you know who did it, but you don’t.

I highly recommend that you read The Promise. It is more than a page turner, it is a workout book. It gets your heart pumping.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club