Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book review on the Darkest Hours by D.K. Gaston

Joseph Hooks is back and he is better than before. The exciting, but bruiting detective from Lost Hours is back. Now he’s divorced and free from his past. His latest client is the billionaire, Montgomery Webb. When Hooks visits Webb at his secluded stately mansion, he finds Webb half-naked and tied to a chair. Tortured near death, Webb whispers his dying words “La…Ta…Doll…Lost”. These words starts Hooks off on another adventure, which threatens his life and the lives of people around him.

Hooks along with his ex-partner Kool-Aid are the epitome of a buddy cop team, with one thing on the mind… ‘Find the killer, no matter what the cost.’ I have read almost all of D.K. Gaston’s books. I am truly a fan. Lost Hours brings back one of my favorite characters in the D.K. universe…Joseph Hooks. D.K. puts Joseph into challenging settings and spins intrigue and action that grabs you; while the story hypnotizes you. This is a must read.

Malcolm Dylan Petteway
Rage Books Reading Club