Saturday, May 14, 2011

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It is the third generation and the fourth age of mankind. Earth has become an unwitting pawn in the Kulusk Empire's thirst for revenge against the Universal Science, Security and Trade Associations of Planets—USSTAP. Maxum Ritchen, the leader of the Kulusk Empire, has set into motion the destruction of USSTAP and with it the destruction of Earth. Michael David Genesis, the First Osguard, and his family are the leaders of USSTAP. He and his family are descendants of twin princesses from the planet Chaktun who fled their war ravaged world, escaped to Earth and lived in the antebellum South as slaves. USSTAP is the Osguards’ inheritance. They facilitate scientific advancement, assure universal security and promote fair trade amongst the sixty known galaxies. Michael and the other Osguards use diplomatic, economic and military tools of power to keep the peace. But like most peacekeeping organizations, there are always challenges. For Michael the challenges are the Kulusk – the dogmatic empire that has waged war with Chaktun for centuries; the Tuits – a warrior race bent on revenge; and the Moslecks – universal nomads terrorizing the universe. Can the Osguards save USSTAP…can they save themselves?

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