Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review on Revenge - Osguards Guardians of the Universe

"World Building At Its Best!”

Everyone has a defining gift. For Michael Genesis, the First Osguard of the Universal Science, Security and Trade Association of Planets-USSTAP, that gift is vision. Just as Michael is being prepared to assume position as Chief Executive Osguard and President of the Universal Science, Security and Trade Association of Planets, a space storm causes havoc, sending him to an alternate universe. Similarly, Billy Red, a street thug, murderer, pimp and drug dealer, becomes intertwined with his world situation. When their paths had crossed as teenagers, Michael and Billy became bitter enemies. Billy Red carries his thirst for revenge to the end.

In this fourth entry, the author spins a complicated plot in which the main character must deal with political intrigue in the universe, as well as survive on Earth in a drug infested neighborhood. It seems that everyone is out to kill him, including Billy Red. Personally, I felt the author was at his best in military war strategies and space battles, and was a little distracted by the urban fantasy element in the adventure. But the story was well told, and kept my interest throughout. The Star Trek Prime Directive element didn’t escape me, either. I even got a kick out of the main character’s “escape phrase”.

There is one closure at the end concerning Earth, but I’m not sure if this is the final volume in the series, or if more stories are planned. I can certainly see possibilities for future novels in the series, but would like to see the author move away from the urban background on Earth, and give us a better look at the many worlds comprising his universe; the galaxies, planets, moons, and races that inhabit them.

Tom Johnson,
--Editor Fading Shadows



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